Alan Silverstri: Back To The Future II

Back To The Future II

Alan Silverstri

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  • Release Date 02 September 2016
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Double Vinyl LP
Mondo Records

Back To The Future Part II picks up where the classic first film left off and takes the story into another dimension. They travel to alternate timelines, deal with paradoxes, and even find themselves back in the first film as Marty McFly and Doc Brown cross paths with themselves as they try to get back... well, you know the rest.

Continuing the tradition set by the original, the score for Back To The Future Part II is equally as exciting, and pulse-pounding as the sprawling timelines bring Silvestri's music to the future, past and everywhere in-between... And timely, released just in time for the "Future Date" where Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to at the beginning of the film. Featuring 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl featuring original artwork by Matt Taylor.

Side A
1. Back To Back / It’s Your Kids (2:38)
2. Main Title (Extended Version) (3:19)
3. The Future (5:23)
4. Chicken / Hoverboard Chase (3:12)

Side B
5. A Flying DeLorean? (4:29)
6. I’m In The Future / Biff Steals DeLorean (2:12)
7. Chicken Needles / Jenn Sees Jenn (2:55)
8. Biff’s World / 27th Floor (2:08)
9. My Father (2:04)
10. “Alternate 1985” (3:04)

Side C
11. Gray’s Sports Almanac / If They Ever Did (4:26)
12. Something Inconspicuous (1:33)
13. You’ll Never Lose / Old New DeLorean (3:18)
14. Pair O’ Docs (1:26)
15. The Book (4:49)

Side D
16. Nobody / Tunnel Chase (5:45)
17. Burn The Book (2:24)
18. He’s Gone (0:41) 19. Western Union (1:52)
20. I’m Back / End Logo (0:59)
21. The West (0:57)
22. End Title (4:38)

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