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Commodores: Commodores



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  • Release Date 14 July 2017
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Vinyl LP

The 1977 release, now with long versions on vinyl for the first time, includes such hits as “Brick House” and “Easy,” and has been sampled by many artists.

Commodores, the 1977 self-titled fifth studio album by the pop-funk-soul band known as the “Black Beatles,” will get a vinyl LP release from UMG. The release was cut from the original, un-faded masters, delivering on vinyl for the first time longer versions of seven of the nine tracks.

The original album spent eight weeks at #1 on the Billboard R&B/Soul albums chart and was the group’s first crossover record, peaking at #3 on the Billboard 200, thanks to a pair of very different hit singles: the up-tempo “Brick House” and the sensuous Lionel Richie ballad, “Easy.”

1 Squeeze The Fruit  
2 Funny Feelings  
3 Heaven Knows  
4 Zoom  
5 Won't You Come Dance WIth Me  
6 Brick House  
7 Funky Situation  
8 Patch It Up  
9 Easy