The Yardbirds: Sounds I Heard

Sounds I Heard

The Yardbirds

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  • Release Date 27 January 2017
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Vinyl LP + 7"
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Side One:
1. Honey in Your Hips Recorded R.G. Jones Studios, Morden, Surrey England, December 1963
2.Louise 5th April 1964
3.I wish you would 5th April 1964
4.Smokestack Lightning live at the Marquee Club 7th August 1964
5.Evil Hearted You BBC 1965
6.Heart Full Of Soul BBC 1965
7.Shapes Of Things BBC 28.2.1966

Side Two:
1.Over Under Sideways Down BBC 6.5.1966
2.Happenings ten years time ago recorded at De Lane Lea Studios, London August 1966.
3.Mister you’re a better man than I Recorded 7th April 1967 Stockholm
4.Think about it Recorded Jan 1968
5.Dazed & Confused BBC 5/6.3.1968
6.My baby New York June 1968

7” single:
White Summer BBC March 1968