Fat White Family: Songs For Our Mothers

Songs For Our Mothers

Fat White Family

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  • Release Date 22 January 2016
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Without Consent

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Fat White Family release their new album ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ on their own Without Consent label.

Co -produced by Liam Trashmouth and the Fat White Family and recorded at the Trashmouth studios in New Malden and Marcata Studios (where both Swans and Titus Andonicus record) in New Paltz in upstate New York.

The album also features the Sean Lennon coproduced track ‘Satisfied’.

In the band’s own words, ‘Songs For Our Mothers’ “is as much a catalogue of our obsessions as it is a sensual odyssey; sex, drugs, politics, death, the Northern Irish A-lister Sam Neill, it's all here, all that's left to do now is breathe it in.”

"This Family album goes toward capturing the band's undeniable genius, in music that lingers like the most terrifying dream." - MOJO

"Studiously crafted and meticulously executed from start to finish, if any doubts remained as to whether Fat White Family were the most important rock and roll band of their generation, this should put a lid on it once and for all. For Songs for Our Mothers is of a rare breed of record that's both of its time yet timeless in nature." - Drowned In Sound


1. Whitest Boy On The Beach
2. Satisfied
3. Love Is The Crack
4. Duce
5. Lebensraum
6. Hits Hits Hits
7. Tinfoil Deathstar
8. When Shipman Decides
9. We Must Learn To Rise
10. Goodbye Goebbels