Iggy Pop: Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Deluxe)

Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (Deluxe)

Iggy Pop

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This relentlessly energetic show, performed as part of Iggy’s Post Pop Depression tour sees the Godfather of Punk backed by the PPD band of Joshua Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age), Dean Fertita (QOTSA, The Dead Weather) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys). The show, which only six months later is already being spoken of as a legendary event, was undoubtedly one of the live shows of the year and a standout show in a career that continues to push boundaries and confound expectations.

Produced by revered production company ‘Eagle Rock’, the DVD release of Iggy’s headline set last week received ‘Best Live Music Coverage’ at the UK Video Music Awards.

The first Iggy Pop album co-created with producer/guitarist/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist/ bandleader Joshua Homme, ‘Post Pop Depression’ (Out now on Caroline International) began with a succinctly worded text from Iggy to Joshua, and was realized in seclusion with Homme's enlisted aid of his Queens Of The Stone Age bandmate and Dead Weather-man Dean Fertitia and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders. Both became instantly integral in creating and shaping the Detroit meets Palm Desert by way of old Berlin vibe of Post Pop Depression: Interweaving with and augmenting even more superhuman than expected Iggy vocal performances and Homme's tapestry of guitar, bass, piano and backing vox, Fertitia's talent for wringing the most out of only the most essential notes worked in seamless tandem with Helders' pushing himself and his new bandmates to unforeseeable heights and depths.

Post Pop Depression is a singular work that stands proudly alongside the best works of either of its principles, from The Stooges to Queens Of The Stone Age, bearing its creators' undeniable sonic DNA while sounding like nothing they've done before. It's a record that wouldn't exist without either Pop or Homme- and one that probably shouldn't in theory if you really think about it-but it does, and we and rock n roll are all the better for it.

Side A
1. Lust For Life
2. Sister Midnight
3. American Valhalla
4. Sixteen
5. In The Lobby

Side B
6. Some Weird Sin
7. Funtime
8. Tonight
9. Sunday

Side C
10. German Days
11. Mass Production
12. Nightclubbing
13. Gardenia

Side D
14. The Passenger
15. China Girl
16. Break Into Your Heart

Side E
17. Fall In Love With Me
18. Repo Man
19. Baby

Side F
20. Chocolate Drops
21. Paraguay
22. Success

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