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Spector: Moth Boys LP (Deluxe)
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Moth Boys LP (Deluxe)


  • US $44.99  

  • Release Date 21 August 2015
  • Sorry Sold Out
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Vinyl LP + 7"
Fiction Records

Limited Edition white 12” vinyl with bonus black 7” vinyl + download card


Side A

  1. All The Sad Young Men
  2. Stay High
  3. Believe
  4. Don't Make Me Try
  5. Cocktail Party / Heads Interlude

Side B

  1. Bad Boyfriend
  2. Decade Of Decay
  3. Kyoto Garden
  4. West End
  5. Using
  6. Lately It's You

Bonus 7” Black Vinyl

  1. Reeperbahn
  2. Difficult Phone Call

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