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I Am Kloot: I Am Kloot: Limited Transparent Vinyl

I Am Kloot: Limited Transparent Vinyl

I Am Kloot

  • US $24.99  

  • Release Date 18 January 2019
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Vinyl LP
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I am Kloot is the second album of the band by the same name. Their music is haunting, melodic and smooth. This second piece yielded five singles, including the hits “Life in a Day” and “3 Feet Tall”. It’s much more than just a standard rock album as it’s expanse their dark and fractured sound. Songs like “From Your Favourite Sky” and “Proof” are just brilliant and shows how they developed after their first release from two years earlier.

    180g Audiophile Vinyl
    Gatefold Sleeve including insert
    Limited edition of 1000
    Individually numbered edition of 1000 on transparent vinyl
  1. Untitled # 1
  2. From Your Favourite Sky
  3. Life In A Day
  4. Here For The World
  5. A Strange Arrangement Of Colour
  6. Cuckoo
  1. Mermaids
  2. Proof
  3. Sold As Seen
  4. Not A Reasonable Man
  5. 3 Feet Tall
  6. The Same Deep Water As Me