TAD: 8-Way Santa

8-Way Santa


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  • Release Date 04 November 2016
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Vinyl version comes with a digital download coupon that includes all of the bonus content.

TAD were a mighty force in the late 1980s / early 1990s Seattle scene. Their heavy, churning rock / metal / punk buzz was a crucial part of Sub Pop’s early years and, along with peers like Mudhoney, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, they defined the sound that reinvigorated the rock world in the early 1990s. TAD were led by the physically imposing yet incredibly sweet singer / guitarist TAD Doyle, with bassist Kurt Danielson (ex-Bundle Of Hiss), drummer Steve Wied and guitarist Gary Thorstensen.

With an image that sometimes cast the band as deranged lumberjacks and influence from Head Of David and Killdozer, TAD put a uniquely rain-and-fog-coated Northwest spin on 1980s underground rock. The band released two albums and a few EPs on Sub Pop between 1988 and 1991, all of which are now lovingly remastered by the band’s friend and engineer Jack Endino (Soundgarden, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Screaming Trees) and repackaged with bonus tracks and expansive liner notes.

In 1991, after tens of thousands of miles on the road in support of ‘God’s Balls’ and a run of powerful Eps / singles, TAD released their second full length album, ‘8-Way Santa’. Recorded at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin with Butch Vig, whose work with Killdozer the band admired, ‘8-Way Santa’ finds TAD pushing their sound in new directions. Not a band to rest on its laurels, TAD began to add melodic touches to their sound, as evidenced by the lead single, ‘Jinx’.

Many touring dates and shows followed the record, plus a copyrightinfringement brouhaha over the original album cover - which was quickly pulled from stores when the couple portrayed in the cover photo objected. ‘8-Way Santa’ was the last record with the original TAD line up and their last album for Sub Pop before jumping to a major label.

This reissue of ‘8-Way Santa’ includes tracks from the ‘Jinx’ single, a 1990 EP and a handful of unreleased album demos recorded by Jack Endino. This material has been out of print on vinyl / CD for many years and this is the first digital release for the bonus content.


  1. Jinx
  2. Giant Killer
  3. Wired God
  4. Delinquent
  5. Hedge Hog
  6. Flame Tavern
  7. Trash Truck
  8. Stumblin’ Man
  9. Jack
  10. Candi
  11. 3-D Witch Hunt
  12. Crane’s Café
  13. Plague Years
  14. Pig Iron *
  15. Nuts ‘N’ Bolts *
  16. Delinquent *
  17. Giant Killer *
  18. Wired God *
  19. 3-D Witch Hunt *
  20. Eddie Hook *

* = Digital Download Only Track