Alex Stolze: Outermost Edge

Outermost Edge

Alex Stolze

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  • Release Date 06 April 2018
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Vinyl LP
Nonostar Records

With his new album Alex Stolze moves effortlessly between the modern classical and electronic worlds. Performing with his unique, custom-made five-string electro-acoustic violin, Alex works in musical distinctions, merging violin-based-textures with electronic beat-and-noise production. Having received critical acclaim for his work with electronica acts Bodi Bill and Unmap, and having toured the world with experimental avantgarde trio Dictaphone, last year’s mini-album ‘Mankind Animal’ caused a stir on the underground and with the release of his first full-length album 'Outermost Edge' imminent, he is ready to further establish his reputation as a truly groundbreaking instrumentalist and producer.

1 Black Drop  
2 Serve All Loss  
3 Alkorhythmus  
4 Way Out  
5 Andalusia  
6 New  
7 Stoned Values  
8 Silence in Between  
9 Wasser  
10 Into the Desert