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Michael Kiwanuka: Kiwanuka Pink Double Heavyweight Gatefold Vinyl with bonus 7
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Kiwanuka Pink Double Heavyweight Gatefold Vinyl with bonus 7"

Michael Kiwanuka

  • US $39.00  

  • Release Date 01 November 2019
  • In Stock
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2LP + 7"

Michael Kiwanuka releases his third studio album on 1st November 2019. Store exclusive special edition format includes Kiwanuka pressed onto heavyweight pink vinyl and includes a bonus 7".

‘KIWANUKA’ was recorded in New York, LA and London. Michael returned to the studio with Danger Mouse and Inflo, the same production team that combined so magnificently on Love & Hate, KIWANUKA finds a new assuredness in Michael’s writing, and takes the basic sonic blueprint of that last record to a dizzying new realm.

Michael will tell you of his love for records that entwine their songs with incidental skits and shape-shifting spiralling outros, so the listener experience is almost that of listening to one long, dramatic song. KIWANUKA fulfils that winding, dream-like haze, unhurried.

KIWANUKA is Michael serving from the heart, from the mind, and from the soul.

On the album title, Michael explains “This album, it’s kind of a defiant thing; I’m engaging with who I am and I’m not going to have an alter ego, or become Sasha Fierce or Ziggy Stardust, even through everyone’s telling me I need to be this, that or the other. I can just be Michael Kiwanuka.”


Side A

1. You Ain’t The Problem

2. Rolling

3. I’ve Been Dazed

Side B

4. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love) Intro

5. Piano Joint (This Kind of Love)

6. Another Human Being (Interlude)

7. Living In Denial

Side C

8. Hero

9. Hard to Say Goodbye

Side D

10. Final Days

11. Interlude (Loving The People)

12. Solid Ground

13. Light

Bonus 7"

A. Money

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