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David August: DCXXXIX A.C.


David August

  • US $24.99  

  • Release Date 20 April 2018
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Double Vinyl LP

A proudly nonconformist and multifaceted electronic artist, David August has been on hiatus for a year. Taking time to reflect and discover unknown paths in both, musically and personally, August connected to his Italian roots, drawing inspiration from it’s history, rich culture and diverse landscape. The result is a new language of sound and space that until now has remained hidden inside of him.

Ready to come back, August emerges with a new label, 99CHANTS, a finite project limited to 99 releases. Offering an openminded platform for a diverse range of artists, the label aims to contribute to culture and society in a positive way.

chant#1 comes from August himself. Ambient in form, DCXXXIX A.C. marks the first step that will lead to a bigger picture.

Side A
1 In Limbo  
2 The Rite Of Spring  
3 Fragments  
4 Halo  
5 1999 D.C.  
6 Echoes  
7 Requiem For A Land  
Side B
1 Y.H.W.Y.S.  
2 Underground  
3 Muses And Ashes  
4 Light Of The Past  
5 His Guide  
Side C
1 Blue Arc  
2 Theory Of Colours  
3 Modern Testament  
4 Pursuance  
5 The Void  
6 Venus  
Side D
1 Gospel Of A Thief  
2 Dorian Space  
3 Lost Nile  
4 Guardians  
5 Torre D'Avorio  
6 The Gate