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UB40: Present Arms / Present Arms In Dub: Deluxe Edition

Present Arms / Present Arms In Dub: Deluxe Edition


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  • Release Date 22 April 2016
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Double Vinyl LP
Universal Music

Released in May 1981, the platinum-selling Present Arms spent 38 weeks in the UK album chart where it reached the No. 2 position. Present Arms In Dub was released in October 1981 and spent seven weeks in the chart. Present Arms is the second album to be recorded by UB40 and it spawned two Top 20 UK hits, One In Ten and Don’t Let It Pass You By/Don’t Slow Down. Like their debut album release, it concerned itself with many socially and politically charged themes, resonating with the politically uncertain times of the early 1980s when unemployment was rife and race riots afflicted many of the country’s inner cities. One In Ten was an undisguised attack on the Thatcher government of the period.

Present Arms

Side A
1. Present Arms
2. Sardonicus
3. Don’t Let It Pass You By
4. Wild Cat
5. One In Ten
Side B:
1. Don’t Slow Down
2. Silent Witness
3. Lambs Bread
4. Don’t Walk On The Grass
5. Dr. X

Present Arms In Dub

Side C
1. Present Arms In Dub
2. Smoke It
3. B Line
4. Kings Row
5. Return Of Dr. X
Side D
1. Walk Out
2. One In Ten (Present Arms In Dub Version)
3. Neon Haze