Tasseomancy: Do Easy

Do Easy


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  • Release Date 18 November 2016
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Vinyl LP
Bella Union

LP pressed on white vinyl with digital download code included.

For the seasoned loners, stoners and lackadaisically laid, ‘Do Easy’ was written as a deadbeat anthem for a generation who was told that anything is possible after the possibility slows. Written in Toronto and Montreal, ‘Do Easy’ was created as a lamp shade of hope; of soft survivalism. Serene, strange and magnetically sung, it honours its freethinking forebears without being weighed down by them, creating immersive worlds of loving allusion.

Soft synths and crystalline harmonies merge hypnotically on ‘Dead Can Dance & Neil Young’, an invitation to “fade into folk song.” If folk song this is, it’s folk of great idiosyncrasy, where vocoded chorales provide atmospheric shading and altosaxophones drift like cigarette smoke from a David Lynch dream film. Between the new age synth of ‘Claudine & Annie’, the ambient swoon of ‘29 Palms’, Kate Bush-like prog psych of ‘Missoula’ and gently lapping title track, ‘Do Easy’ plays like pop from a parallel world.

Sisters Sari and Romy Lightman are former members of queer coldwave band Austra. Channelling their former forays in psychedelic folk into a kind of lushly accessible, warmly experimental dream pop along with bandmates Johnny Spence and Evan Cartwright, they explore manipulated sounds, all with mood in mind. Assisted by friends Brodie West (alto sax), Ryan Driver (flute), Simone Schmidt (voice of a young Neil Young) and Alex Cowan (Blue Hawaii) that exploration reaches full bloom on ‘Do Easy’, the sound of a band hitting their richly imagined, luxuriously executed stride and, wealth of evocative references included, making it all sound easy.


  1. Dead Can Dance & Neil Young
  2. Claudine
  3. Jimi Infiniti
  4. Missoula
  5. Wiolyn
  6. 29 Palms
  7. Do Easy
  8. Do Easy Reprise
  9. Gentle Man
  10. Emergency
  11. Eli