The Verve: Urban Hymns: Super Deluxe (20th Anniversary Edition)
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Urban Hymns: Super Deluxe (20th Anniversary Edition)

The Verve

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  • Release Date 01 September 2017
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Vinyl Box Set
UMC / Virgin EMI

Expertly catching the mood of the late-‘90s upon its release in September 1997, The Verve’s third studio outing went on to become one of the all-time classic British albums. Eleven times platinum in the UK and with ten million copies sold worldwide to date, it also delivered four of the era’s most iconic tracks – ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Sonnet’.

Now, exactly twenty years on, comes this 3 double-LP box set version of ‘Urban Hymns’ containing a host of special features. Re-mastering was undertaken by original co-producer Chris Potter and the original album, spread over two vinyl discs, comes supplemented by a double album of B-sides and sessions, plus a further double set containing the previously unreleased concert at Haigh Hall. The box also comes with a 20-page booklet book including a selection of unseen photographs by Chris Floyd, who travelled with the band and was granted unprecedented backstage and offstage access. There is also a download card entitling the purchaser to all of the audio and the further music included on the 5CD + DVD Box Set edition.

LP1 - Remastered Album
1 Bitter Sweet Symphony  
2 Sonnet  
3 The Rolling People  
4 The Drugs Don't Work  
5 Catching the Butterfly  
6 Neon Wilderness  
7 Space and Time  
8 Weeping Willow  
9 Lucky Man  
10 One Day  
11 This Time  
12 Velvet Morning  
13 Come On  
LP2 - B-sides, session tracks issued in 2004*
1 Lord I Guess I'll Never Know  
2 Country Song  
3 Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)  
4 So Sister  
5 Echo Bass  
6 Three Steps  
7 The Crab  
8 Stamped  
9 The Drugs Don’t Work – original demo  
10 Never Wanna See You Cry  
11 (Bitter Sweet Symphony) MSG  
12 The Longest Day  
13 Lucky Man (Happiness More or Less)  
14 Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)  
15 This Could Be My Moment*  
16 Monte Carlo*  
1 This Is Music  
2 Space and Time  
3 Catching the Butterfly  
4 Sonnet  
5 The Rolling People  
6 Neon Wilderness  
7 Weeping Willow  
8 The Drugs Don't Work  
9 Lucky Man  
10 Life's an Ocean  
11 Velvet Morning  
12 Bitter Sweet Symphony  
13 One Day  
14 History  
15 Come On  

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