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BORA: Noyée



  • US $19.99  

  • Release Date 30 August 2019
  • Dispatched within 5 days
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Vinyl LP
First Terrace

"You can’t say the loss, we can only feel it. “Noyée” (Drown) is the experience of the void. A full/filled void. That moment when we drown, fully acknowledging the air we are going to miss.

Under water, breathing and needing air stand as a limit to our survival. When you outreach it, the body shuts down. Mine gave life to itself. Under the wave. In this depth, I opened my eyes. As I was floating, the supposedly menacing and cold waves then became allies, caressing my thoughts, my pain, giving birth/creating an untameable vastness/hugeness/wilderness. Personal. A cathedral of life. The deconstruction/dismantling of the being, by abandoning who we were yesterday.

The tracks of this album come from this place, this internal abyss where only we can enter/where we are the only ones who can enter. Where the emotions clatter and form a vibrant, tempestuous and thunderous journey. This internal scream gave birth to ‘Noyée’, a hardly audible whisper, like these stranded shells from which, once you lend an ear, you can hear the (the sound of )the sea. There is life, to grasp.

Pauline Canavesio aka BORA is a France born Berlin based multidimensional producer and artist. Through an introspection involving sound, digital and painting, she morphs to become one emotional entity, where sound is shaping the unknown and inexpressible.Her universe is an immersion into an organic process, where you can hear a human being and its inner body and mental fluctuations.

BORA is a ritual, an attempt on existence.

1 Noyée  
2 VV  
3 Alix  
4 Ex Insulaires  
5 À Vif De Ta Gueule  
6 Ursula  
7 Tes Yeux Au Revoir  
8 Éphemeral  
9 Douleur  
10 Gladys Sans Téte