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Angelo Badalamenti: Music From Twin Peaks

Music From Twin Peaks

Angelo Badalamenti

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  • Release Date 25 August 2017
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Vinyl LP

The soundtracks to the original series of David Lynch’s groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks will be re-released in audiophile vinyl (180-gram) to celebrate the anticipated revival of the show. The music arrives shortly before the new Twin Peaks series premieres on 21st May 2017.

Most fans of the show would agree that the music played one of the most fundamental roles in the series and helped establish the haunting, dreamlike nature of it. American composer Angelo Badalamenti was enlisted by Lynch to create the soundtrack together. The first track on this LP, “Twin Peaks Theme” won the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance in 1991 and Lynch actually supplied lyrics for three of the eleven songs in the soundtrack: “The Nightingale,” “Into The Night” and the series’ theme song “Falling”.

1 Twin Peaks Theme  
2 Laura Palmer’s Theme  
3 Audrey’s Dance  
4 The Nightingale – vocals by Julee Cruise  
5 Freshly Squeezed  
6 The Bookhouse Boys  
7 Into the Night” – vocals by Julee Cruise  
8 Nightlife in Twin Peaks  
9 Dance of the Dream Man  
10 Love Theme from Twin Peaks  
11 Falling” – vocals by Julee Cruise  

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