Harry Stafford: Guitar Shaped Hammers

Guitar Shaped Hammers

Harry Stafford

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  • Release Date 01 December 2017
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“In a world of guitars, I decided to leave six strings behind and to attempt to play my punk, blues on a piano. It wasn’t that easy. I am a bar room piano surrounded by guitar shaped hammers” Harry Stafford… So began an experiment and journey I nto the soul of the bar room piano player. Harry Stafford the singer and guitarist of 80s post punk/Garage/blues outfit Inca Babies decide to explore his love of piano blues by abandoning everything he held and cherished to make some new music with a piano and a head full of ideas. The port of departure was 2015 with a quest to play every bar, pub and hotel in Manchester so as to learn the mysteries and sometimes impenetrable skills of the instrument along the way. These early gigs were perhaps more important for the possibilities they encouraged than any musical dexterity. But slowly, as is the nature of a project steered by passion, a sense of direction and aptitude began to manifest itself in the chiming blues of his piano and a heartfelt lament. With influences from: Tom Waits, Diamanda Galas, Hoagy Carmichael, Jerry lee Lewis and Nick Cave, it was a case of assimilating the spirit of his heroes to find his own voice. By 2016 he had gathered together a collection of songs that told stories which covered all his areas of fervour and interest. There were bar room Ballads, Funeral Blues, End of the world piano dub, Bebop mash-ups and punk jazz tales of melodrama and murder. This was to be the Album; ‘Guitar Shaped Hammers’ Along the way he had gathered together a bunch of musicians who shared his sense of drama and musical schizophrenia. Inca babies and Membranes drummer, Rob Haynes, Andrew Mills of ‘ Folk assassins’ Acid Haystack and the shattered Villain, blues virtuoso Vincent O’ Brien and Trumpet Maestro Kevin Davy (Osibisa, Lamb, Cymande), all made time to be part of this exciting project. With their input, and a wall of technology, other sounds and effects found a place in the mix. Tape loops and space echo appeared to allow the songs an inclination for Dub and a platform to sometimes create a reverb storm. Songs like Last Rhyming Poets and Call Me Almighty, emerged from a piano refrain. Dagger and Three Wished Blues began to take on epic narrative forms as ever more chapters and layers were introduced. After careful production and re mixing by Harry Stafford and Dean Glover at Vibe studios in Manchester, the Album sees a December release date with a launch party a week later in The Northern Quarter, Manchester on Sunday 10th December 2017. With more dates to be added in 2018 and some festival dates in the pipe line, check him out in the new year – maybe in a bar, pub or hotel in Manchester where the piano is soulful and the voice a mournful celebration of the blues. This is the ninth studio Harry has made and there are plans for another inca babies Album and a follow up solo record in 2019.

1 Make me Almighty  
2 The Glass Coast  
3 Dagger  
4 Guitar Shaped Hammers  
5 Catastrophe  
6 He Says Goodbye  
7 Dark Before Four  
8 Walking Down in The Shadow  
9 House of Souls  
10 Empty the Bones into the box  
11 Three Wishes Blues  
12 The Last Day of Jimmy Dance  
13 The Lost Rhyming Poets