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Beaver and Krause: Gandharva The Celestial Musician

Gandharva The Celestial Musician

Beaver and Krause

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  • Release Date 26 July 2019
  • Dispatched within 5 days
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The musical duo Beaver & Krause were sales representatives for the one and only Robert Moog. They were introducing his Moog synthesizers to the public, like on their critical acclaimed album Gandharva. It was partly recorded in Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Musicians like Mike Bloomfield and Gerry Mulligan contributed music for the album. Despite they’re best known for their electronic music, Gandharva offers more musical genres. The combination of Mulligan’s sax and Beaver’s organ resulting in some phenomenal sounds. Jazz, rock, blues, and gospel all plays a part on this wonderful and versatile record. Unfortunately Paul Beaver died only a few years after its release, so we’ll never know what kind of music the duo could have recorded afterwards.