Hot Chip: Coming on Strong: Yellow Vinyl

Coming on Strong: Yellow Vinyl

Hot Chip

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  • Release Date 27 October 2017
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Moshi Moshi

London 5-piece Hot Chip's debut album, celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year! There's a quite lovable oddball quality to this album, hints of Prince, the Beastie Boys, Beck.... a souled-up folk vision of chilled out pop music with a twist. 2005. A loungey, electropop sheen covers much of the music, but more than anything, Hot Chip displays an omnivorous approach to the entirety of alt, ‘60s pop and electronic music history. Their songs are infectious, silly and often weirdly beautiful. Wwith singer-songwriters Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard at the core, Hot Chip's mixture of textured, smart, lo-fi groove with actual humor is incredibly rare, and great.

1 Take Care  
2 The Beach Party  
3 Keep Fallin'  
4 Playboy  
5 Crap Kraft Dinner  
6 Down With Prince  
7 Bad Luck  
8 You Ride, We Ride, In My Ride  
9 Shining Escalade  
10 Baby Said One One One