Anthrax: For  All Kings: 7

For All Kings: 7" Box Set


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  • Release Date 24 March 2017
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Vinyl Box Set
Megaforce Records
  • 7" boxed set
  • 10x7" with lenticular cover
  • 3 bonus tracks
  • 6 demos
  • Alex Ross' Initial Sketch
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7” No.1: Breathing Lightning / Breathing Lightning Demo (Band Demo)
7” No.2: Monster At The End / Monster At The End Demo ( Band Demo)
7” No.3: Suzerain / Suzerain Demo (CB Demo)
7” No.4: Black Math / Carry On
7” No.5: You Gotta Believe / For All Kings
7” No.6: Evil Twin / The Battle Chose Us
7” No.7: All Them Theives / Vice Of The People
7” No.8: Zero Tolerance / Zero ToleranceDemo (Band Demo)
7” No.9: Blood Eagle Wings / Blood Eagle Wings Demo (CB Demo)
7” No.10: Defend Avenge / Defend Avenge Demo (CB Demo)

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