Oneida And Rhys Chatham: What's Your Sign?

What's Your Sign?

Oneida And Rhys Chatham

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  • Release Date 11 November 2016
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From it's drums-bashing, cacophonous beginning to it's skronky trumpet-loaded conclusion, the instant chemistry betwixt Rhys Chatham and Oneida is what makes What's Your Sign? such a seamless and natural partnership: ageless vanguards of minimalism, free-improvisation, and noise banding together in a holier than thou union of NYC experimental rock royalty.

Four years after their inaugural union at Ecstatic Music Festival inside New York City's Merkin Concert Hall produced a cosmic din for the ages, two genre-obliterating renegades who've made indelible marks in the experimental music pantheon - the NYC-bred, Paris-based avant-garde guitar legend and minimalist composer Rhys Chatham and long-running psychedelic free-rock juggernaut and Brooklyn institution Oneida - have joined forces on their first collaborative album. With pedigrees carved in hall-of-fame-caliber collaboration and ever-expanding symphonic ensembles (a Chatham touchstone is A Crimson Grail (For 400 Electric Guitars) while Oneida's twelve hour long free-improvisational drone-fests are stuff of legend), it's no revelation the legendary composer and No Wave veteran and the left-field freethinking noisemakers would make for kindred spirits.


  1. You Get Brighter
  2. Bad Brains
  3. Well Tuned Guitar (Oneida Version)
  4. The Mabinogian (Oneida Version)
  5. A. Philip Randlop At Back Bay Station
  6. Civil Weather