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Lindsey Stirling: Snow Waltz: Limited Edition Baby Blue Vinyl LP + Christmas Ornament

Snow Waltz: Limited Edition Baby Blue Vinyl LP + Christmas Ornament

Lindsey Stirling

  • US$38.99
  • Release Date 16 December 2022
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This bundle contains:
- Snow Waltz: Baby Blue Vinyl LP
- Christmas Ornament

I have had more fun with my first Christmas album than any other album I’ve released. Maybe it’s because I now have the excuse to listen to Christmas music year-round as I write in the spring, plan tours in the summer and film music videos in the fall. Maybe it’s because I love dressing up like a toy soldier or perhaps it’s the extra bounce it puts into the choreography. All I know is that whatever pixie dust is in the magic of Christmas, I wanted more of it. There is something so exhilarating about taking a beloved song that has been covered hundreds of times and trying to figure out how to reimagine it so it’s true to itself, yet new to itself. Like giving a song a fresh haircut or dare I say even bangs. (“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” definitely got bangs, and I am living for it). As much as I love my first Christmas album, I think this one feels more like me. I hope this record becomes a classic with your other favorite holiday albums (ahem... like my own Warmer in the Winter). May it bring you as much magic at Christmas as it brought me through spring when I wrote it. P.S. To the fans who voted for a Rock album, there is a rock Christmas song on the album just for you.