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Dune Rats: The Kids will Know It’s Bullshit: Blue Vinyl

The Kids will Know It’s Bullshit: Blue Vinyl

Dune Rats

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  • Release Date 07 April 2017
  • Dispatched within 5 days
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Vinyl LP
Rat Bag Records

Making a punk record is easy. Just ask anyone. Well, anyone who hasn’t actually ever made one, that is. Behind the three chords and drug-soaked lyrics is a whole lot of hard work, planning and in the case of Dune Rats second album, The Kids Will Know Its Bullshit, and a fair bit of self-reflection since their 2014 self-titled debut. With this method tried and tested, the boys decided the new album is a different beast. They would take their time, write and rewrite, build and pull apart, until the songs felt right ... Singer and guitarist Danny Beusa explains:

“With the first album, we still didn't really know what we were doing as a band musically. We just liked playing music together and smashed out the songs in a month 'cause we hadn't put out an album yet. So, this time we focused on making an album that was Dunies sound, figuring out that was the funnest thing.

Helping Danny, BC Michaels and Brett Jansch out on Production is their long-time touring friend Zac Carper from LA band FIDLAR. Working with Zac had been thrown around the tour bus for a while and was cemented when Dune Rats joined Fidlar on their North American album tour late 2015. Zac’s progression as an artist and producer between FIDLAR's first and second albums had definitely inspired Dunies to run at this record in a new way. Recorded at Head Gap in Melbourne, The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit is the sound of a band working together with their best mate to make rad tunes with hundreds of beers and laughs along the way - a 30 minute anxiety trip of stoner pop.

“FIDLAR were a band that could have been easily typecast, but Zac really raised it; he didn't alienate the previous audience but opened them up to think “fuck, they're not just a bunch of dudes who drink beer, and skate and shake and bake” or whatever it is…”

Like their most recent single, the very drug innuendo-laden Scott Green, with the seriously-funny-and-great interactive video clip, which came about after a day in Joshua Tree asking everyone “Who's Scott Green?”, and getting one of the best possible answers from a guy at a grocery store: “Dude, I survived cancer, I get it delivered to my house, do you wanna come to my house and smoke a bowl and we'll get you delivered weed?!” Of course after they finally made it back to the studio, it was time to work.

The first taste of this album, Bullshit, had Dunies having to convince Zac was a positive term.

He got insulted for a while coz he was still learning our sense of humour, after their set we'd come and say “That was bullshit”, and it took a few shows before they said 'Well what was wrong with it', and we were like “Nah, bullshit good!”.

1. Don’t Talk
2. 6 Pack
3. Demolition Derby
4. Braindead
5. Scott Green
6. Never Gonna Get High
7. Like Before
8. Counting Sheep
9. Buzz-kill
10. Mary
11. Bullshit