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Matthew & Me: Startpoint


Matthew & Me

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  • Release Date 25 November 2016
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12" Vinyl
Beatnik Creative

Matthew and Me release their forthcoming EP ‘Startpoint’ on 18th November via Beatnik Creative. Recorded between their home studio and Deep Litter, the EP was produced by Ben Howard and Eliza Shaddad collaborator Chris Bond.

Following on from “luscious, woozy..and remarkable” (Gold Flake Paint) first single ‘Joy’, and the “brisk, muscular” (Clash) ‘Figure’, ‘Silver’ is an intricate and atmospheric display of songwriting prowess. Starting with measured introspection, bursting forth into a triumphant chorus before grinding to a half-time, dense alt-rock riff it is the perfect opener, setting the tone for the EP as a whole.

The band is focused around lead vocalist/songwriter Matthew Board and drummer Lucy Fawcett, who by living and writing in the expansive landscape of South Devon, exist so far from the mainstream that their unique style has grown autonomously. The whole EP’s soundscape is at least partially inspired by the rugged and beautiful Devonshire landscapes and coastline around Start Point.

1. Silver
2. Figure
3. Cravings
4. Joy