Male Gaze: King Leer

King Leer

Male Gaze

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  • Release Date 01 July 2016
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Vinyl LP
Castle Face

“Weirdo-punk supergroup Male Gaze is back with nine new chunks of octave-pedal abuse and sultry croons with King Leer, their first proper long-player. This time around, the trio of Matt Jones (ex-Blasted Canyons), Mark Kaiser (ex-Mayyors), and Adam Cimino (ex-The Mall) have added former Blasted Canyons and Tiaras member Adam Finken on second guitar and resident Castle Face engineer Chris Woodhouse behind the boards to ramp up the skuzzpop of last year’s Gale Maze into brutal wall-of-sound territory. “On King Leer, the boys toy with their poppier side, dosing the songs with syrupy melodies and some newfound heartfelt introspection, but they’re by no means going soft on us—these tracks, buried beneath mountains of fuzz and pounded out with Adderall-fueled fury, pack enough sonic punch to rattle your brain loose.”
—Luca Cimarusti, Chicago Reader

1. Got It Bad
2. Lesser Demons
3. Krav Maga
4. Ranessa
5. Green Flash
6. Easy to Void
7. Bad Omens
8. Stupid Heart
9. This Is It