The Stroke Band: Green And Yellow

Green And Yellow

The Stroke Band

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  • Release Date 06 October 2014
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Vinyl LP
Anthology Recordings

  • First ever reissue (fully authorized) of this 1978 cult private press LP
  • Band includes Bruce Joyner (The Unknowns), Don Fleming (Velvet Monkeys, Gumball - producer with Sonic Youth, Hole), Mark Neill (Grammy winning producer for The Black Keys)
  • Produced by Robert Lester Folsom (Mexican Summer reissue artist)
  • Includes unseen photos, ephemera, comprehensive oral history, unreleased material
  • LP includes download code with the original Green and Yellow album; plus the band’s only live performance at Joe’s Cellar - a notorious strip club in Albany, Georgia; and a set of demos and psychotic improvs from their Cork House headquarters in Valdosta.

Green and Yellow is the collected recordings of legendary lost 1970s Deep South freaksters, THE STROKE BAND. Seen and heard, until now, by only a few South Georgia pot heads, rednecks, sheriffs, strippers, and intoxicated U.S. Marines.

Fronted by Bruce Joyner – a swamp rat synthesis of Buddy Holly, Bryan Ferry and Jerry Lee Lewis – The Stroke Band were an artpunk aberration to anything else happening in South Georgia in 1978 - 79. This Anthology Recordings (part of the Mexican Summer / Software group of labels) re-release of the Green and Yellow album is the first in any form since the private press LP came out in 1978.

1. Don’t Get Angry
2. Green and Yellow
3. Fiction Non-Fiction
4. Spaced
5. Gun Fighting Man
6. Rat Race
7. Janie’s Living in a Cell
8. Son of Sam
9. Latin Melody
10. The Waves Rush In (Live in Miami Beach)