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The Slow Show: Dream Darling: Orange Vinyl

Dream Darling: Orange Vinyl

The Slow Show

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  • Release Date 02 December 2016
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Vinyl LP
Haldern Pop

As on their 2015 debut 'White Water', The Slow Show's new album 'Dream Darling' contains dramatic songs about love, death, failing and loss. Deeply affecting songs, which may move the listener to tears. Choirs and colliery brass lend The Slow Show a distinctly northern sound, with Rob Goodwin's rich baritone reminiscent of Lambchop's Kurt Wagner, though with a different accent.

As before, jazz and classical stylings underpin the band’s sound. A delicate varnish of Americana, sparse piano, guitar chords in minor keys, tender brass, swelling strings and choirs, each element combines to infuse the album with a northern soul. Goodwin's sonorous vocals slow down the pace, and released from the hectic sounds of rock’n’roll, The Slow Show create space and time for closer listening, sharpening the senses even for the smallest details.

Their touching lyrics are often biographical. “Sometimes inspiration comes directly from decisions or mistakes we've made,” says Goodwin. “And sometimes, suddenly it is triggered by love or loss. Life changes constantly. Sometimes sadly, sometimes unfairly, and then again sometimes for the better. It was this constant change in our lives that inspired the recordings and hope and optimism have prevailed in the end."

So 'Dream Darling' may report of personal failures, from showdowns and blows of fate to the mishaps of life, but the end of the day there is always hope. "It’s ok. Everything is changing, but it is nothing to be afraid of,” says Goodwin. “This realisation has informed us on this album."

These sentiments makes 'Dream Darling' the ideal backdrop for contemplative autumn and winter evenings.

Side One
A1. Strangers Now
A2. Hurts
A3. Ordinary Lives
A4. Lullaby
A5. Dry My Bones

Side Two
B1. This Time
B2. Brawling Tonight
B3. Last Man Standing
B4. Breaks Today
B5. Brick