Tony Molina: Confront The Truth

Confront The Truth

Tony Molina

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  • Release Date 04 November 2016
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7" Single

In the interest of brevity, Tony Molina speaks a plain truth rarely considered by modern musicians. He's not going to waste your time pontificating on sentimentality when he knows the very sentiments that power his music will stay with you long after the songs end. The West Bay guitarist's background in hardcore, metal, and punk lends itself to this concept.

Imagine if ‘Crossed Out’ or ‘No Le$$’ were on some Lennon-McCartney or George Harrison or early Bee Gees stuff, inventing a mode of sincere, world-beating pop expression and concentrating it into a span of seconds. That's what's happening here -- a resourcefulness that is typically at odds with the kind of guitar mastery you'll hear within. The eight offerings on ‘Confront the Truth’ notch a significant advancement in his style and approach. Almost completely absent from these new songs are the overloaded guitar crunch of ‘Dissed and Dismissed’, or his earlier work with ‘Ovens’. It's replaced by gentle acoustic balladry, tasteful Mellotron and piano backing, the kind of musicianship that often takes a lifetime to master. The sadness of this music has precedents in pop's past.

Tony's revelatory turn into specific traditions of pop music speak directly to the reasons why we love music in general, and what keeps our finest players driven to create. The repertoire from which he draws may be narrow, but in these songs, you hear exactly what Tony found in those influences that shaped his experience.

Previous release ‘’Dissed and Dismissed’ [2014] scored 12/12 Drowned In Sound “the best album that Rivers Cuomo never made”, 4/5 Stereoboard


  1. Lisa’s Song
  2. I Don’t Want To Know
  3. Old Enough To Know
  4. No One Told Me
  5. Hung Up On The Dream
  6. See Me Fall
  7. Over Now
  8. Banshee