Helen Money: Become Zero

Become Zero

Helen Money

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  • Release Date 16 September 2016
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Vinyl LP
Thrill Jockey

LP version pressed on virgin vinyl with free download coupon.

Debut release on Thrill Jockey from Helen Money aka cellist Alison Chesley.

‘Become Zero’ features Jason Roeder of Sleep and Neurosis and Rachel Grimes of Rachel’s.

Much of ‘Become Zero’ was recorded at collaborator and co-producer Will Thomas’ Los Angeles studio. Additional recording was done at Grimes’ studio outside of Louisville, Kentucky and at East/West Studios in Hollywood.

While Chesley had previously exclusively recorded analogue to tape with Steve Albini she went in a new direction for her Thrill Jockey debut. “I wanted to explore the freedom provided by digital recording,” Alison explains. “There is simply more flexibility with regards to multi-tracking... such as interfacing with electronic sounds, supplementing tracks with MIDI sounds, and ease of movement between the analog and digital domain. ‘Become Zero’’s songs called for a much wider palate of sounds.”


  1. Every Confidence
  2. Become Zero
  3. Radiate
  4. Blood And Bone
  5. Vanished Star
  6. Machine
  7. Leviathan
  8. Facing The Sun