Tim Dog: Penicillin On Wax

Penicillin On Wax

Tim Dog

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  • Release Date 09 June 2017
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Double Vinyl LP
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  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert
  • First issue on double vinyl
  • First pressing of 1000 numbered copies on transparent green with black mixed vinyl

The Ultramagnetic Bronx rapper Tim Dog released his 1991 debut Penicillin on Wax to a hostile audience. Ever a king of controversy, he made a million enemies with his provocative single “Fuck Compton,” a shameless attention ploy dissing N.W.A., DJ Quik, and America’s entire Pacific Coast. Penicillin on Wax contains more of the same, as Tim trashes everybody from Kwame to Michel’le to Eddie Murphy. The lyrical insults were arguably the opening salvo in what would later become the East Coast versus West Coast hip hop conflict.

There can be no doubt that Penicillin On Wax remains one of the true hard-core Hip Hop classics and one of many landmarks in sounds from the Bronx. Produced by probably the best Hop Hip producers of the early 90s, the Ultramagnetic MC’s, this album contains some of the most energetic tracks you’ll ever hear. Guest appearances on the mic from Kool Keith and Ced-Gee also enhance the LP.

The album Penicillin on Wax is recommended to all fans of old school rap.

Side A
1 Intro  
2 Low Down Nigga  
3 Robin Harris Shit  
4 Fuck Compton  
5 Dj Quick Beat Down  
6 Step To Me  
Side B
1 Phone Conversation W/ Reporter  
2 Bronx Nigga  
3 You Ain’t Shit  
4 I Ain’t Takin’ No Shorts  
6 I’ll Wax Anybody  
Side C
1 Michel’le Conversation  
2 Can’t Fuck Around  
3 Dog’s Gonna Getcha  
4 Goin’ Wild In The Penile  
Side D
1 Get Off The Dick  
2 I Ain’t Havin’ It  
3 Patriotic Pimp  
4 Secret Fantasies