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B Boys: Dada


B Boys

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  • Release Date 16 June 2017
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Vinyl LP
Captured Tracks

Dada — conceived first as a dream, then manifested into reality as instruments and voices recorded onto magnetic tape — is the newest sonic artifact by the group known as B Boys. Over the course of the album, the 13 songs explore connections between language, self-awareness, introspection and unconventional serenity. A nod to the collective unconscious by way of personal reflection. Experiential wisdom filtered through a tin of mints and a fresh pair of chinos. For further insight into their world, it is suggested you experience Dada for yourself when it is made available in LP, CD, and cassette tape formats on Captured Tracks.

1 B Boys Anthem  
2 Another Thing  
3 Discipline  
4 Psycho (Still)  
5 Flatlands  
6 Distance  
7 I  
8 Energy  
9 1 2 Reminder  
10 Fade  
11 Fear It  
12 Time  
13 Walking