The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds: Glow In The Dark Mono Vinyl

Cosmic Sounds: Glow In The Dark Mono Vinyl

The Zodiac

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  • Release Date 28 July 2017
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The Summer of Love on Vinyl

The summer of 1967 was a cultural milestone, drawing as many as 100,000 young people to the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood of San Francisco. The social phenomena was a convergence of free thinking, hippie fashion, political upheaval, sexual freedom, drug use and creative expression. This movement spread to other cities around the US and around the world.

Side A
1 Aries – The Fire-Fighter  
2 Taurus – The Voluptuary  
3 Gemini – The Cool Eye  
4 Cancer – The Moon Child  
5 Leo – The Lord of Lights  
6 Virgo – The Perpetual Perfectionist  
Side B
1 Libra – The Flower Child  
2 Scorpio – The Passionate Hero  
3 Sagittarius – The Versatile Daredevil  
4 Capricorn – The Uncapricious  
5 Aquarius – The Lover of Life  
6 Pisces – The Peace Piper