Livid: Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes

Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes


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  • Release Date 14 July 2017
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Vinyl LP
Prosthetic Records

Minneapolis dwellers LIVID bring towering riffage and mammoth doom metal on their Prosthetic debut ‘Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes’, a sonically cathartic endeavor with nods to the trio’s major influeces: Evoken, Mournful Congratulation and Eyehategod to the Melvins, Boris and Tool.

Originally formed in 2013, by 2015 the trio had been evolving their riffs to lay them down to tape and teamed up with producer, Ali Jaafar at Ecstattic Studio to record their first demo. The two part, 22 minute opus, Sint, was released on Bandcamp in the Summer of that year and was met with wide acclaim in the metal underground. Doomed & Stoned, The Burning Beard, as well as Seattle radio station, KEXP, all jumped on board as early flag waivers for the band. ‘Sint’ was powerful, both in riff and vocals. Benson’s vocal style was often compared to Gregorian Monks chants. They are haunting and perfectly complimented the eerie, punishing riffs he played combined with the thunderous support of drummer Leick and bassist Padelford. Throughout the remainder of the year, Livid shared the stage with bands such as Theories, Bell Witch, Cobalt and Mantar.

1 Descend  
2 Nothing  
3 Sins of God  
4 The Fire  
5 Into Nothing