Various Artists: New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-1982

New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-1982

Various Artists

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  • Release Date 12 February 2016
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Double Vinyl LP
Soul Jazz

This is the new 2015 edition of Soul Jazz Records’ long out of print first ‘New York Noise’ collection, subtitled ‘Dance Music From The New York Underground 1977-82’.

‘New York Noise’ is the story of the intersection between experimental dance music and art in downtown New York. This ground-breaking release gave rise to a series of three albums featuring the likes of Snatch, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, Sonic Youth, Ut, Jim Jarmusch and many more downtown figures as well as a deluxe photography book that featured everyone from David Byrne to Madonna (now out-of-print).

This new 2015 edition features classic New York post-punk, punk funk and no wave tracks from Arthur Russell / Dinosaur L, James White & The Contortions, The Theoretical Girls, Mars, Konk, Material, Bush Tetras, Lizzy Mecrier Descloux as well as new tracks by Alan Vega (Suicide), Chain Gang and ImpLOG.

1. The Dance - Do Dada
2. The Contortions - Contort Yourself
3. Theoretical Girls - You Got Me
4. Konk - Elephant
5. Mars - Helen Fordsdale
6. Dinosaur L - Clean On Your Bean #1
7. Chain Gang - Son Of Sam
8. Arto / Neto - Pini, Pini
9. Bush Tetras - Too Many Creeps
10. Alan Vega - Bye Bye Bayou
11. Mars - 3E
12. Konk - Baby Dee
13. Lizzy Mercier Descloux - Wawa
14. Material - Reduction
15. Bush Tetras - Can’t Be Funky
16. impLOG - Breakfast