Various Artists: Switched-On Eugene

Switched-On Eugene

Various Artists

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  • Release Date 19 October 2018
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Double Vinyl LP

Switched-On Eugene documents the Eugene Electronic Music Collective and some of the many synthed-out gures in and around Oregon’s iconic hippie stronghold during the 1980s. Whether connected by membership, geography, or the tape trading scene, the artists in and around the EEMC shared compelling visions of the future we now inhabit, vividly captured on home-recorded tapes and distributed via zines, classi eds, and local radio. Switched-On Eugene is a deep dive into a heretofore forgotten sonic microcosm unlike any other.

Side A
1 David Stout – The Seven Rays  
2 Phyllyp Vernacular – The Clinging  
3 Peter Thomas - Shimmer  
4 Peter Kardas – Other Playgrounds  
Side B
1 Kim Carter - Energy  
2 Nathan Griffith – Great Moves  
3 Joel Horwitz – Finale From “A Walk Down Serenity Lane”  
4 Michael Chocholak – Skomorokhi  
Side C
1 Derryl Parsons – Floating Landscape (Including Chase Scene)  
2 Scott Blair – Dance Pacific  
3 Heather Perkins – Burning Through  
4 Carl Juarez – Self-Regulation  
5 Talve – The Ride  
Side D
1 Kevin Courcey - Fallout  
2 Suse Millemann - Patterns  
3 Peter Nothnagle – New Snow