Various Artists: DJ Amir presents Buena Música Y Cultura

DJ Amir presents Buena Música Y Cultura

Various Artists

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  • Release Date 16 September 2016
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Double Vinyl LP

A highly respected crate digger, DJ extraordinaire, record label go-to-guy and one half of dynamite duo Kon & Amir, we are proud to present this very special collection of music chosen by Amir. Having dedicated his life to mapping hip hop and dance music's lineage, the Boston native has been called upon by Capitol Records, Pete Rock and Shady Records among others for his musical expertise over the years, not to mention having curated quite an incredible catalogue of compilations for BBE. Put simply, this guy has an almost unrivalled ear for a great record.

As you may well have guessed from the title, this latest outing has a distinctly Latin flavour. Comprising a selection of obscure tracks from the 60's and 70's recorded mainly in New York (but featuring artists from Detroit and the Dominican Republic), there are bound to be new discoveries here for even the most ardent collector. Ranging styles are on display here, but the record has a definite leaning toward upbeat Salsa & Guaguancó. Latin superstars such as Joey Pastrana and Louie Colon may have been household names among the tenements of East Harlem & The Bronx back in the day, but they have never reached a mainstream audience outside the Latin community. Now thanks to Amir's relentless digging, some of the finest and most authentic latin dance music can be enjoyed on one fiery-hot record.


  1. Wayne Gorbea y Su Conjunto Salsa – Paranoia
  2. Chino y Su Conjunto Melao featuring Everybody - Rogelio Tiene La Salsa
  3. Dax Pacem Orchestra – Bomba
  4. Johnny Sedes and His Orchestra - Mama Calunga
  5. LA Moderna of New York – Picadillo
  6. The Orchestra Soledad - El Ritmo Soledad
  7. Joey Pastrana and His New Orchestra - El Pulpo
  8. Louie Colon and His Combo – Tembleque
  9. Mike Hernandez y Su Sonora Casino - Asi-Asi Desarga
  10. Joey Aponte and His Orchestra - Vete De Aqui
  11. Cortijo y Kako y Sus Tambores - Yo No Bailo Con Juana
  12. Fito Foster Salsa Pt. 1
  13. Fito Foster Salsa Pt. 2
  14. Dax Pacem Orchestra - Oiga El Comentario