The Verve: Urban Hymns Super Deluxe Vinyl + Exclusive 12
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Urban Hymns Super Deluxe Vinyl + Exclusive 12"

The Verve

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This bundle includes:

  • Urban Hymns: Super Deluxe Vinyl Box Set (20th Anniversary Edition)
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony Alt. Version: Exclusive 12" Vinyl Single

Expertly catching the mood of the late-‘90s upon its release in September 1997, The Verve’s third studio outing went on to become one of the all-time classic British albums. Eleven times platinum in the UK and with ten million copies sold worldwide to date, it also delivered four of the era’s most iconic tracks – ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’, ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Sonnet’.

Now, exactly twenty years on, comes this 3 double-LP box set version of ‘Urban Hymns’ containing a host of special features. Re-mastering was undertaken by original co-producer Chris Potter and the original album, spread over two vinyl discs, comes supplemented by a double album of B-sides and sessions, plus a further double set containing the previously unreleased concert at Haigh Hall. The box also comes with a 20-page booklet book including a selection of unseen photographs by Chris Floyd, who travelled with the band and was granted unprecedented backstage and offstage access. There is also a download card entitling the purchaser to all of the audio and the further music included on the 5CD + DVD Box Set edition.

Remastered album

Side 1
1. Bitter Sweet Symphony
2. Sonnet
3. The Rolling People

Side 2
4. The Drugs Don't Work
5. Catching the Butterfly
6. Neon Wilderness

Side 3
7. Space and Time
8. Weeping Willow
9. Lucky Man
10. One Day

Side 4
11. This Time
12. Velvet Morning
13. Come On

B-sides, session tracks issued in 2004*

Side 1
1. Lord I Guess I'll Never Know
2. Country Song
3. Bitter Sweet Symphony (James Lavelle Remix)
4. So Sister

Side 2
5. Echo Bass
6. Three Steps
7. The Crab
8. Stamped

Side 3
9. The Drugs Don’t Work – original demo
10. Never Wanna See You Cry
11. (Bitter Sweet Symphony) MSG
12. The Longest Day

Side 4
13. Lucky Man (Happiness More or Less)
14. Bitter Sweet Symphony (extended version)
15. This Could Be My Moment*
16. Monte Carlo*


Side 1
1. This Is Music
2. Space and Time
3. Catching the Butterfly
4. Sonnet

Side 2
5. The Rolling People
6. Neon Wilderness
7. Weeping Willow
8. The Drugs Don't Work
9. Lucky Man

Side 3
10. Life's an Ocean
11. Velvet Morning
12. Bitter Sweet Symphony

Side 4
13. One Day
14. History
15. Come On

Exclusive 12" Vinyl
Side A
Bitter Sweet Symphony Alt. Version (limited promo-only in 1997)

Side B
The Drugs Don’t Work – Washington DC 9.30 Club (3/11/97) (unavailable elsewhere on vinyl)

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