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Camel: The Snow Goose

The Snow Goose


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  • Release Date 01 November 2019
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Vinyl LP
UMC - Decca
Formed in 1971 Camel’s music combines elements from rock, pop, jazz, blues, folk, classical and electronica which has seen them gain a cult following over the years. The below are being re-released to celebrate Decca’s 90th anniversary.

1LP vinyl repress of Camel’s breakthrough disc, 1975’s orchestrated concept album The Snow Goose.

Inspired by the Paul Gallico short story of the same name, the album brought Camel wider attention and success, leading to a prestigious sell out concert at the Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra in October 1975. And even though it’s purely instrumental, its beautiful sonic textures make it one of Camel’s most accessib
Side A
1 The Great Marsh  
2 Rhayader  
3 Rhayader Goes To Town  
4 Sanctuary  
5 Fritha  
6 The Snow Goose  
7 Friendship  
8 Migration  
9 Rhayader Alone  
Side B
1 Flight Of The Snow Goose  
2 Preparation  
3 Dunkirk  
4 Epitaph  
5 Fritha Alone  
6 La Princesse Perdue  
7 The Great Marsh  

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