Royal Trux

Platinum Tips + Ice Cream

Royal Trux "Live"

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  • Release Date 16 June 2017
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Vinyl LP

‘Platinum Tips + Ice Cream’ is new from Royal Trux.

The songs were written over a span of time as wide as eagle’s wings but the recordings are new, live, unrehearsed and were presented in real time to a few thousand people in California and NYC.

Performance art? Yes! But only because, unlike so many other aural ‘content providers’, Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema are true artists writing their own futures into the present. This was, and will always be, Royal Trux.

1 Junkie Nurse  
2 Sewers Of Mars  
3 Red Tiger  
4 Sometimes  
5 Mercury  
6 Esso Dame  
7 Deafer Than Blind  
8 Waterpark  
9 Platinum Tips  
10 The Banana Question  
11 Blue Is The Frequency  
12 Ice Cream