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White Denim

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City Slang

White Denim are back - regenerated and resolute.

The Austin quartet have long pulled hard at the parameters of rock & roll, admitting garage punk, soul, psychedelia, prog, jazz and blues while holding onto its vital goodtime core.

Their up-tempo drive has produced a body of work defined as much by stellar musicianship as off-the-chain exhilaration.

Energy and adventurism have always been paramount.

Here are nine songs with clarity and renewed purpose as well as a truckload of attitude.

A new studio, new collaborators, and new techniques for writing and recording influenced the elastic possibility and liberation felt throughout.

Theirs is music that aims for the whole body, while equally satisfying the mind. While it has morphed, expanded, and even burst apart, White Denim’s sincere, human drive and ability to spark true exhilaration have been unerring constants of the band’s existence.

Ever progressing, never content to camp out on a plateau of their creative accomplishments, there is no other band quite like White Denim – unique in talent and legendarily potent as a live band, they are quite simply a very special band.

Side A
1 Magazin  
2 Performance  
3 It Might Get Dark  
4 Sky Beaming  
5 Double Death  
Side B
1 Fine Slime  
2 Moves On  
3 Backseat Driver  
4 Good News  

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