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During the summer of 1982, Fleetwood Mac released ‘Mirage’ which topped the album chart and added to the band’s already impressive canon of hits with “Hold Me,” “Love In Store” and “Gypsy.” They followed this album up in 1987 and released the second-best selling record of their career with ‘Tango in the Night,’ an album that’s sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. It topped the album charts in the UK and scored major hits everywhere with “Big Love” and “Little Lies.”

Following on from the recent deluxe editions, breakouts of the original album remasters from Mirage and Tango In The Night will be released May 26th.

1 Love In Store  
2 Can't Go Back  
3 That's Alright  
4 Book of Love  
5 Gypsy  
6 Only Over You  
7 Empire State  
8 Straight Back  
9 Hold Me  
10 Oh Diane  
11 Eyes of the World  
12 Wish You Were Here  

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