Carpenter Brut: Leather Teeth

Leather Teeth

Carpenter Brut

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  • Release Date 20 April 2018
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Vinyl LP

Carpenter Brut draws its influences from 80s TV shows and B-movies loaded with synthesizers and evokes an encounter between Justice beats and the universe of John Carpenter. Carpenter Brut pays tribute to the post-hippie/pre-AIDS culture that then set the basis of electro and metal to give us a unique, violent and crazy 80s revival sound. After the success of his three Eps compiled in his album "Trilogy" and the release of his first live album “CARPENTERBRUTLIVE” Carpenter Brut returns with a surprise debut album ‘’Leather Teeth’’ to make us relive the intensity and energy of his shows.

1 Leather Teeth  
2 Cheerleader Effect  
3 Sunday Lunch  
4 Monday Hunt  
5 Inferno Galore  
6 Beware The Beast  
7 Hairspray Hurricane  
8 End Titles