Tristram Cary: Doctor Who: The Daleks (Doctor Who Story Series)
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Doctor Who: The Daleks (Doctor Who Story Series)

Tristram Cary

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  • Release Date 24 November 2017
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First in a collectible set of Eight Doctor Who Story Releases
Original TV Soundtrack by Tristram Cary
Gatefold Sleeve by Clayton Hickman

The next 6 will be released over the following 6 months. Each will feature the original TV Soundtrack and all the artwork will be by Doctor Who art guru Clayton Hickman.

The spines of the 8 albums will feature a composite image of a Tardis that will only be complete when the series is complete on your shelves!! See the image below between the pack shots!

A pioneer in the field of electronic music, Tristram Cary served as a wartime naval officer specialising in radar and electronics. He combined a career at the cutting edge of experimental music with works for cinema (The Ladykillers), television and radio. The Daleks made their debut in Doctor Who just before Christmas 1963 and Cary's music was composed to script as several atmospheric pieces for specific scenes and situations. These were then played live into the studio recording, alongside effects tracks. This release of the soundtrack expands on a previous issue and includes music from all seven episodes plus unreleased material and extended cues.

Side A
1 Doctor Who (Original Theme)  
2 Forest Atmosphere  
3 Skaro - Petrified Forest Atmosphere ("Thal Wind")  
4 Forest With Creature  
5 City Music 1 and 2  
6 Thing in Jungle  
7 TARDIS Computer  
8 City Music 3  
9 Dalek City Corridor  
10 The Daleks  
11 Radiation Sickness  
12 Dalek Control Room  
13 The Storm 1 & 2  
Side B
1 The Escape: The Storm Continued (Susan Meets Alydon)  
2 Inside the City  
3 What's Inside a Dalek?  
4 The Fight  
5 The Ambush  
6 Fluid Link  
7 Rising Tension  
8 Demented Dalek  
9 The Swamp  
10 The Cave 1  
11 Barbara Loses the Rope  
12 High Sound and Heartbeats (Antodus and Ganatus)  
13 Pebble Dropped  
14 Captives of the Daleks  
15 Heartbeats (Antodus Falls)  
16 The Cave 2  
17 Capsule Oscillation (Dalek Destructor Fuse / Bomb Countdown)  
18 Explosion, TARDIS Stops