Elliot Goldenthal: Pet Sematary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Coloured Vinyl

Pet Sematary Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Coloured Vinyl

Elliot Goldenthal

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  • Release Date 23 February 2015
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Double Vinyl LP
Mondo Records

Mondo is pleased to present Elliot Goldenthal’s original soundtrack to Pet Sematary. Featuring over a dozen cues never before released on Vinyl, as well as two tracks by The Ramones (Pet Sematary & Sheena Is A Punk Rocker) and featuring original artwork by Mike Saputo.

1. The Pet Sematary
2. The New Home / Moving Day / Ellie Falls From Swing / Gage Wanders
3. The Path / Lullaby Waltz
4. The Warning Tour
5. Halloween / Thanksgiving / Deadfall Invitation / To The Micmac Grounds
6. Churche Is Back / Louis Feeds Church / The Ragman
7. Missy’s Apology
8. The Facts Of Death / Bitter Loss (Flashback)
9. Kite And Truck
10. The Kite / Rachel’s Dirty Secret / Up In Flames (Flashback)
11. Sour Grounds / Foreboding Dreams / Discorporate
12. The Deadly Choice
13. Gentle Exhuming / Dead Recollection
14. Rachel Against Time / Hope And Ordeal / Chorale
15. Just Imagination / Rachel’s Blow Out
16. The Latch Opens / The Return Game (Jud And Gage)
17. Rachel’s Return / Return Game Attack / I Brought You Something Mommie
18. Little Footprints
19. The Return Game II (Louis And Gage) / Adieu Gage / Immolation / Death Do Us Part (Rachel Hugs Louis)