Gap Dream: This Is Gap Dream

This Is Gap Dream

Gap Dream

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  • Release Date 19 August 2016
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Vinyl LP
Burger Records

We know this much: he hails from Cleveland (though now apparently living in California); his name is Gabe Fulvimar; he was in an early incarnation of the Black Keys; and he met the Burger Records folks a few years back. It surely must have been a match made in heaven, as they released his debut album as Gap Dream a few years ago to much critical acclaim. There’s definitely a nod to ‘90s indie heroes like Spiritualized and Sonic Youth in his music and his mind continues to expand (insert drug reference here). Fulvimar has created another record that will appeal to a wide range of music fans as the indie rockers will give it a thumbs up as will the stoners, psych-mongers and electronic freaks, too.


  1. Greater Find
  2. Rock And Roll
  3. College Music
  4. 24 Hour Token
  5. Party Foul
  6. Jacky
  7. 153
  8. Golden Shoes
  9. Modern Rhythms
  10. Judy Let Me Roam
  11. Shy Boy
  12. A Stranger To Myself