American Wrestlers: Goodbye Terrible Youth

Goodbye Terrible Youth

American Wrestlers

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  • Release Date 04 November 2016
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Fat Possum

‘Goodbye Terrible Youth’ is the second album from St Louis-by-way-of-Scotland songwriter, Gary McClure.

Performing under the name American Wrestlers, Gary’s second record sees him taking bedroom recordings onto a bigger stage without sacrificing the intimacy that makes them so attractive.

If his self-titled album showed Gary’s knack for stringing together addictive guitar lines - the shimmer of shoegaze mixed with the emotional fist pump of power pop, ‘Goodbye Terrible Youth’ amplifies that energy with a roadtested band. Literally breaking out of the home studio - the Tascam mixer McClure had been recording on has fallen apart from overuse - he’s embraced a bigger sound and stage on ‘Goodbye Terrible Youth’, his rueful yet propulsive songwriting only becoming sharper.


  1. Vote Thatcher
  2. Give Up
  3. So Long
  4. Hello, Dear
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. Terrible Youth
  7. Blind Kids
  8. Someone Far Away
  9. Real People