The Beat Escape: The Beat Escape

The Beat Escape

The Beat Escape

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  • Release Date 21 October 2016
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12" Single
Bella Union

Clear vinyl 12” with digital download code.

The Beat Escape are Adam and Patrick, an electronic duo from Montreal.

The Beat Escape walk into the studio and immediately begin to work. They turn on a drum machine and compose a beat - it’s familiar yet entirely original. A chord progression fills the room, one that’s been on their minds for nearly six months. It happens to sit nicely on the beat and for this they are thankful. Walking through old memories, dreams, sequences and altered states of perception, a melody is caught and harmonies are sung. By them. All around the world, the day continues. The song evolves. The dream is alive. For everyone.

Side A
Seeing Is Forgetting

Side B
Half Empty Happiness