Sandy Denny: The North Star Grassman and the Ravens

The North Star Grassman and the Ravens

Sandy Denny

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The North Star Grassman and the Ravens album was Sandy Denny’s first solo album, released in September 1971; it followed three albums released by Fairport Convention during 1969 and the sole album by Fotheringay released in June 1970. In 1970 and 1971, Sandy Denny was voted Best British Female Singer in the prestigious Melody Maker poll, winning it for the second time just as this album was released. Featuring some of her most stunning and imaginative songs, including the eerie title track, majestic and powerful ‘John the Gun’, mystical ‘Late November’ and ‘Next Time Around’, about her former boyfriend Jackson C. Frank, it is the most shadowy and atmospheric of her four solo albums, also featuring an exquisite version of ‘Blackwaterside’, the only traditional song on the album. The North Star Grassman was co-produced by Sandy, with former Fairport Convention writer and guitarist Richard Thompson and John Wood.

1. Late November
2. Blackwaterside
3. The Sea Captain
4. Down In The Flood
5. John The Gun
6. Next Time Around
7. The Optimist
8. Let's Jump The Broomstick
9. Wretched Wilbur
10. The North Star Grassman And The Ravens
11. Crazy Lady Blues